Material Used For Making Lanyards

The main purpose of a lanyard is to help carry small things like ID cards, pens, passes, water bottles, etc. You can easily find lanyards made from different material, with various types of attachments and accessories. Each of these is designed for a different purpose.


Following are some materials that are used for making Lanyards:

1. Polyester Lanyard

As the name suggests this type of lanyards are made from polyester. These are the most commonly used type of lanyards and are used by both small and large companies. Any method can be used for printing logos and taglines on polyester lanyards but screen printing does not show good results on polyester. They are cheap lanyards that also come with a nice look and are relatively durable.

2. Nylon Lanyard

These lanyards are made from nylon. They have extra smooth, tough and shiny surface which makes them perfect for good quality screen printing. Moreover, on this material, logos and images can be printed with great details. This is the main reason branded companies prefer nylon lanyards for representing their companies. As compared to other materials, nylon is relatively on the expensive side.

3. Woven Lanyard

Fabric or thread is used for making woven lanyard. The thread used to make these lanyards is similar to embroidery thread. This type of lanyard is for basic or simpler designs that do not need details or colours. It is also expensive to manufacture. The main benefit of woven lanyards is that they are comfortable to wear.

Apart from the above, lanyards are also made from beads, which are usually used to make a style statement.

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