Simple but Useful and Necessary Lanyards


When was the last time you lost your ID card? Do you remember where you saw it last time? With the second question, our hands automatically touched the Lanyards and because of it, we didn’t lose anymore ID card like we used to do.

Importance of Lanyard

It is a smile cord or ribbons which we wear around our neck to hold ID cards and credential, which we often need to use. Most people forget how their habit of losing things has changed over the years miraculously. It’s because of this simple yet great tool.

Lanyard comes in many materials, like plastic, wool or polyester. Often we have a logo on it and color code to identify the rank of or designation of person.  These Lanyards are made out of safe material and it won’t strangle you if you get stuck. It will just break and won’t cause an injury.

Promotions at an ease

It’s a great way to promote your brand. Think about an event where you handing out guest ID card with promotional lanyards with your company brand logo on it. It's eye-catching and easily gets noticed, it's also helpful so if you are giving it away, people will keep using it later.

While we established it as the useful tool, they came at avery low cost and easy to get everywhere. You can also use it to carry your pen drive or your glasses. Lanyard had solved the most annoying problem of our time, losing things.

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