Tips To Properly Wash Your Swimwear

With so many beaches around, owning swimwear in Australia is a must. Swimsuits are expensive garments. At the same time they are also delicately made. They can’t be washed in the same way as our sturdier clothes. Therefore, to keep your swimwear in good shape, it is recommended you follow the tips below while giving your swimsuit a wash:

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1. Always hand wash

This is the most important point while washing your swim suit. Swim suits are made of fabrics and colours that can’t withstand the brunt of the washing machines. Therefore, always wash your swimsuit with hands.

2. Use mild soap

Don’t use the regular laundry detergent to wash your swimwear. Using mild soap is actually the better option. It will keep the fabric soft and will not make it coarse or rough.

3. Don’t dry it in direct sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the fibres of your swimsuit to become damaged, and also have a bleaching effect on the colours of your swimsuit. Always dry the swimsuit by laying it out on a soft clean towel.

4. Never wring it

Never wring the swimsuit to get out the excess water. Always lay it on a towel and press gently to squeeze out the extra water. Wringing the garment will damage the fabric and also spoil the original shape of the swimsuits.

5. Use freshwater

Avoid using water that has been chemically treated for washing your swimwear. Also remember that the water should be neither too hot nor too cold. It should be at a very moderate temperature.

Using these simple washing tips, you can ensure that your swimsuit remains as good as new for a longer time.

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