Top 4 Economical Promotional Items To Gift Your Customers

Courtesy: promo-lanyards

A promotional present for the customers is always a great idea to reinforce the brand’s image and products in their mind. However, it is also important that the promotional items chosen must not only be reflective of business’ vision, but are also economical. Below is a list of four economical promotional items that a business can gift its customers.

1.  Lanyards

It is a great idea to create promotional lanyards, with your company’s colors, logo and motto. It might be a simple one to carry ID card, or perhaps a more interesting one for keys and mobile phones. If you are a gym wanting to encourage membership, perhaps gifting a lanyard for water bottles would be a great idea.

2. Pens

Everyone needs a pen and it is also an extremely affordable promotional item to give to your customers. You can custom design the pen, with your company’s logo on it and perhaps even attach a lanyard to it in order to make it more useful.

3. Notepads

Everyone needs a notepad to either make to-do lists or perhaps just write their thoughts. Designing a notebook as a promotional merchandise would be great. Remember to put your company’s logo or mission statement on it in order to remind your customer of your brand whenever they open this notebook to make notes.

4. Mugs

A Mug as a promotional item is not only affordable, but extremely practical as well. You can choose from a range of different designs and color options; perhaps get a little more creative with this.

Therefore, whichever promotional item you choose, make sure to order it in bulk to save more.

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