Type of Vehicle Mounted Platforms


Vehicle mounted platforms or most commonly known as the VMPs are popularly used for several industries; such as construction, cleaning contractors, heavy industry, manufacturers and local contractors etc.

This type of mounted platform is ideal for a safe working environment, the 2 basic types of mounted vehicles include:

1. Van Mounted Platforms

Van mounted platforms are typically used for general maintenance, securing rooftops, fixing the street lights along with billboards and sign writing. It is also used on construction sites for fixing and repairing windows. The vehicle has an 800kg spare weight load which increases the efficiency of the project in terms of time and manpower. You can self-drive these vans; however, it is important that you have a valid driver’s license along with work permit.

2. Truck Mounted Platforms

Platforms mounted on the trucks are mainly used for building maintenance, window cleaning, gutter repairs and HVAC installations. It has a height range of 13 to 70 meters with the option of self-drive. If you are looking for a cost effective way of hiring a vehicle for a shorter period of time, then a truck mounted platform is perfect for you. It is the ultimate choice for off road drives.

After the rise in fatal accidents caused by elevating platforms, the state laws for operating the vehicles have changed. To operate elevated work platforms, the individual must be trained and experienced. As an employer, you cannot let an amateur drive such vehicles. The safety of the workers and others in the field is the responsibility of the employer as well as the employee.

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