Worldwide Brands Review – WWB vs Salehoo

You have probably already heard of the top wholesale directories, but in this Worldwide Brands review I want to talk about one of them – Worldwide Brands – in more detail and how it compares to the market leader, Salehoo.

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a directory of wholesalers and drop-shippers, much like Salehoo.  There are about 8,000 suppliers in each directory and they are all fully researched and certified as legitimate before being added – indeed, Worldwide Brands offers a full guarantee that all of their suppliers are reliable.

Worldwide Brands list more than 16 million products in a searchable database.  These are all products that are available at trade prices from the suppliers in Worldwide Brands.

One of the key features of Worldwide Brands is that they specifically list suppliers that are willing to work with new online businesses and eBay sellers – that's a great advantage if this describes your business.

How Does it Compare to Salehoo?

Salehoo, like Worldwide Brands, is a directory of about 8,000 certified suppliers – and both includes extras like market research tools and access to tutorials, support and forums.

However, the similarity ends there.

Salehoo has only 1.6 million products from it's suppliers, while Worldwide Brands has ten times as many.

Worldwide Brands also offer many more drop shippers and 'light bulk' wholesalers – suppliers that are perfect for new eBay and online sellers.

That's why although it's not as well known, my top wholesaler directory is Worldwide Brands.  The only problem is the cost – Worldwide Brands is very expensive at $299 for membership.

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